Niagara University provides a rigorous curriculum that helps prepare students for the wide spectrum of careers that are offered in the Food and CPG marketing industries. This curriculum is honed by preparing students with foundational knowledge specific to the industry by faculty that have real world industry experience in Food and CPG marketing. Additionally, students access and work with industry data and in teams analyzing case studies that are current and time sensitive which shape the Food and CPG industries today to further enrich their educational journey and industry knowledge.

Students are also afforded the opportunities to participate in industry case competitions, attend trade shows, obtain industry accreditations, and network at Food Marketing Center of Excellence events which helps enhance and round out Niagara University students for successful outcomes upon graduation.

Thus, Niagara University graduates can “hit the ground running” and minimize orientation and training time and make meaningful and positive contributors to industry organizations from their date of hire. As a result, our graduates are highly sought after candidates for Food & CPG industry companies, nationally and around the world. Niagara University graduates have the ability to achieve successful careers in brand management, social media, category management, marketing research, marketing agencies, sales, and sales agency roles.

As a percentage of economic activity, Western New York has the largest concentration of firms involved in food marketing in the United States. Niagara University, sitting at the crossroads of commerce between Canada and the United States is also able to leverage Canada’s food industry which is a key economic sector.

The Niagara University College of Business Administration is among an elite group of fewer than 5 percent of business schools worldwide that are accredited at both the undergraduate and graduate levels by the (AACSB) American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business International.

AACSB Accredited