Student Opportunities


Dedicated scholarships opportunities are available for well deserving Food and CPG Marketing students. Scholarship opportunities are available from the following:

  • International Foodservice Manufacturers Association 
  • Distinguished Order of Zerocrats
  • International Deli Dairy Bakery Association
  • National Grocers Association
  • Tops Friendly Markets


Niagara University students have had successful internships with companies like The Clorox Company, Rich Products, Acosta Sales and Marketing, Rosina Foods, Wegmans, and Father Sam’s. The university continues to attract and build industry partnerships to allow for increased internship opportunities in future years.

Get involved!

Case Competitions

Students have opportunities to take part in case competitions across the United States. Niagara University students participate annually in the AMA Rochester chapter case competition and we continue to build partnerships with other industry groups like the National Grocers Association, whose case study competition is in San Diego, CA this upcoming year.

Trade Shows

One of several benefits of being a Food and CPG Marketing student at Niagara University is the opportunity to travel and attend several trade shows around the United States. Students have had the opportunity to attend the Private Label Manufacturers Association, International Deli Dairy Bakery Association, and National Grocers Association trade shows. Students are exposed to a plethora of new products, are fully engrained with manufacturing partners and retail partners to witness the sales and marketing process first hand, and are encouraged to network with potential employers on a first-hand basis for internship and career opportunities.

University Clubs

Niagara University’s Food Marketing Association (NUFMA) is an association solely run by students who help to build program awareness by honing their own marketing talents, develop professional skills outside of the classroom, gain exposure to industry professionals for mentoring and networking, and coordinate and execute social events and fundraisers to enhance the visibility of NUFMA and the program itself.

FMCOE Events

Students are encouraged to attend and have free access to Food Marketing Center of Excellence events such as The Innovation Summit and Food Hall of Fame which provides them access and information to trends and topics shaping the industry along with the ability to further network amongst leading manufacturers and retailers and gain exposure for future opportunities.