Proficiency Placement Test

Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding:

  • If you have had no previous language study, you do not need to take this placement test. Simply register for Language 101, the introductory language course of your choice.
  • This test is for students who wish to take Spanish and French only. You do not need to take this test in order to place into Italian, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Tuscarora, or Sign Language.
  • Remember, this is not a graded exam. It is an assessment tool meant to direct you to the level of language that is best suited to your abilities. Once you have completed the test, WebCAPE will indicate immediately which language course is the best match for developing and building upon your current skills. You may print out the result page and bring it to your academic advisor before registration. Also, all results are sent automatically to the Department of Modern Languages.
  • The test follows a multiple choice format. The level of difficulty changes automatically based on how you answer the questions. The questions will appear in random succession, and will assess grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills. Please read each question and response choice carefully before selecting your answer.
  • If your score is within ten points of the cutoff number for a higher-level course, you should register for the higher course (for example, the cutoff number for French 205 is 401 . If your score on the test is 392 you should still register for French 205).
  • You may take this test more than once. If you feel that your score does not reflect your level of proficiency, try to take the test again. Since questions are selected randomly, you will not receive the same test twice. If you are still unsure about your results, please contact the Chair of the Department of Modern Languages, Dr. James McCutcheon.
  • You will be asked to set up an account with the WebCAPE platform.  There is no charge for this.
  • The test should take 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • In order to take the test, click on the link below.

Proficiency Placement Test for Spanish and French