Fire Safety - Items Not Allowed in Residence Halls

In the spirit of safety on campus, Niagara University is compliant with New York State Fire Code for residence halls. Per NYS Fire Code, there are several items that are not allowed in residence hall rooms. Periodically, our Residence Life staff will conduct health and safety room inspections to check for NYS Fire Code Compliance. These inspections will occur, at minimum, before each hall closes for breaks. They may be performed at any other time as well. 

During these inspections, CA staff will enter all rooms on campus and do a plain-view-only inspection for items that are not allowed per NY State Fire Code and University Policy. The CAs will knock before entering, will never be alone in your rooms, and will lock your door upon leaving. CAs will also leave a note if there were any violations found with further instructions for you. 

A state fire inspector will be conducting resident room inspections in the spring semester.

Here is a list of things that are NOT allowed in residence hall rooms per NYS Fire Code and University policy. Please note this list is NOT exhaustive but will help you prepare for fire inspections and to live in a safe environment.


  • No smoke detector, sprinkler or CO2 detector may be covered, disabled or tampered with
  • No Christmas lights/holiday lights/string lights of any kind
  • No extension cords of any kind
  • No items hanging from the ceiling or attached to the ceiling or light fixtures
  • No fabric hanging on the walls, doors or over the windows (including flags, tapestries and curtains)
  • No more than 50 percent of any given wall or door may be covered with paper items (i.e. posters, pictures, calendars, etc.)
  • Power strips MUST: 1) have a surge protector AND 2) have an on/off switch AND 3) have a reset button
  • Power strips must EACH be plugged directly into the wall (power strips may not plug into other power strips)
  • No outlet extenders are allowed that do not have surge protectors, on/off switch AND reset button
  • No candles, incense, etc., are allowed
  • No outside furniture is allowed (unless it is flame resistant and has an original tag stating so attached to the item AND the additional furniture does not block fire exit pathways)
  • No space heaters
  • No octopus lamps
  • No lamps with halogen light bulbs
  • No heating lamps
  • Rugs may not lay underneath the path of the door's swing
  • No electrical cords may run underneath rugs
  • The path from each bed to the door and window must be clear and unobstructed

Smoking and smoking devices:

  • No e-cigs are allowed to be used in rooms
  • No hookahs are allowed to be used in rooms 
  • No smoking is allowed in any manner in rooms

Cooking and food items:

  • No microwaves allowed in the rooms
  • No cooking devices which do not have automatic shutoffs are allowed (i.e. waffle maker, coffee pots that keep coffee warm, etc.)
  • No cooking devices with open heating elements (i.e. hot pots, toasters, etc.)


  • Pets (except freshwater fish in small (under 10 gal.) tanks or an approved Emotional Support or Service Animal)
  • Alcohol (for those under 21)
  • Tables used for beer pong or drinking games (even if over 21)
  • Alcohol funnels (even if over 21)
  • Drug paraphernalia and drugs of any kind
  • Air conditioner units
  • Explosives/fireworks
  • Weapons AND replica weapons (even those that look like toys)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note7 (recalled phone)
  • Any other illegal items