Finding an Internship

While the Communication Studies Department and the Cooperative Education Program will provide leads to current internships, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to find an internship. There are several ways to do this:

  • Visit the Cooperative Education Office in the lower level of Seton Hall.
  • Search the Jobs Bulletin. (To look for communication-related positions, select “Communication” from the Career Field drop-down menu.)
  • Contact employers directly.
  • Talk to your academic adviser.


  • After identifying a prospective internship, talk to your faculty adviser about registering for academic credit.
  • Complete any requirements the prospective employer may have. This might include submitting a resume and portfolio, and/or completing a telephone or in-person interview.
  • Complete the required hours for the internship experience.
  • Submit all required material needed for evaluation and submit journal and portfolio to faculty supervisor.
  • Ensure that the site supervisor submits the required evaluation of the intern's work performance.