Financial Aid

Do not assume that Study Abroad is too expensive!NU Student Abroad

Niagara University recognizes Study Abroad as an academic experience first and foremost and we realize that Study Abroad not only replaces academic work a student might otherwise complete on campus, but the international experience also enhances a student’s curriculum. As such, our policy is to provide support for financial services necessary for Study Abroad just as we would on campus.

Statement of Policy for Financial Aid

Students must apply for financial aid by completing the appropriate financial aid application forms in a timely fashion.

Types of Study Abroad programs that may be recognized by the university:

  • Niagara University-affiliated program, for which NU credit is given.  Students enrolled in a Niagara University-affiliated program may  be eligible for institutional, federal and NY state aid.
  • Other programs, which are approved for transfer credit.  Students enrolled in these programs are NOT eligible for institutional aid, but may be eligible for federal and NY state aid.

Students who receive Niagara University scholarships, grants or tuition remissions will have their institutional aid eligibility limited to the difference between Niagara University charges and the direct cash payment by Niagara University to the Study Abroad program.

Students who are recipients of Niagara University athletic scholarships must obtain approval from the athletic director to avoid conflicts between athletic scholarship obligations and the semester abroad.

Reference to this policy statement is made in the Niagara University Undergraduate Catalogue.

Tips from the Student Accounts Office:

  1. Have someone appointed who can act as your agent, should you need something while away. Have a Power of Attorney form completed and notarized. You do not have to pay anyone to complete one, just type up a letter designating someone to act on your behalf and have the letter notarized. Make sure that person knows where you keep important documents in case they need to access something for you. (We have notaries on campus should you need one.)
  2. Complete your FERPA information designating someone in the event there are questions concerning your account. We can only talk to the people you have designated.
  3. Make sure you have bills paid in advance, or set up online payments. Put a note on the check you are paying in advance. If you receive new cards with a new expiration date, do not forget to call and notify any automatic payments accounts, or the payment will be declined and you could receive a late fee.

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