Yes. If you are matriculated (accepted) student, you may qualify for a Stafford Student Loan, a Federal Perkins Loan, a TAP award (New York state residents).

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Knowledge of autism, autism spectrum disorders and related disorders; concepts and principles of behavior analysis, functional behavior assessment, functional behavior analysis, and direct observation, assessment and measurement, research methodology, scientific and professional ethics, maintenance of client records, issues of cultural diversity, and a 150-hour practicum will be obtained. 

All candidates are required to complete a minimum of 250 hours of supervised experience (exceeding the 150 hour minimum for practicum/internship required by the regulations) as part of course EDU 758: Supervised Fieldwork in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Students must maintain a B average in course work and successfully complete a comprehensive examination and all practicum and internship placements. They must also pass all New York state certification exams.