Who's eligible?

Any Niagara student in good standing can apply for a semester, summer, or winter abroad. Check with the Study Abroad coordinator to determine the specific requirements for the different programs.

How do I apply?

Talk to your advisor as soon as you consider the program, so you can plan to fit the courses from your semester abroad into your degree requirements. Review the programs offered to determine which country you plan to study.

Then make an appointment with Bernadette Brennen, Study Abroad coordinator, by calling 716.286.8360 or emailing studyabroad@niagara.edu.

Do SA courses count towards my degree requirements?

In most cases, as long as you plan your Study Abroad course selection with your advisor and have it approved by your college's Dean's Office, your coursework should apply toward your degree.

If you are considering studying abroad, please meet with your advisor as soon as possible.

Do the grades I receive abroad appear on my Niagara University transcript?

Students who study abroad through the options that the university offers receive credit for Niagara courses.

Students will receive a letter grade for each course they take while abroad. The university will not disregard a course (e.g. when the student receives a D or F) unless the student chooses to enroll in the course as an audit at the time of completing the course advisement form, or immediately after placement tests abroad (see audit policy).

If a student chooses to go abroad through outside programs, the credit will be treated as though the student is transferring the courses back to Niagara and the NU transcript will not reflect the grades, only the number of semester hours.

What is the Study Abroad audit policy?

Students who study abroad may choose the option of auditing any course not required for their degree program. They must declare the audit at the time they complete their course advisement form.

If upon their arrival abroad, they find that an approved course is beyond their level but still wish to attend it for enrichment, they may choose an audit by faxing or emailing their request to their dean, while copying the study abroad coordinator.

Students must declare the audit within a week of placement testing abroad. If the request is approved, the dean will place a memorandum in the student’s file and send verification of approval to the student and the academic advisor. This decision is not reversible.

Students should be aware of how the audit will affect their course requirements and their financial aid. In most cases, it is essential that the student not drop below 12 semester hours or full-time status. The course title, along with the grade of N, will appear on the student’s transcript.