Faculty Mentorship Program

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All member of Niagara University's faculty community are invited to apply for participation in Niagara University’s Faculty Mentorship Program.

What is the Faculty Mentorship Program?

A team of Niagara University faculty colleagues has developed a mentorship program in which faculty members of all ranks are paired with teaching mentors to assist them in honing their teaching craft in a friendly, supportive, and low-stakes/high-reward environment. From active learning techniques to effective dialogic lecturing, the mentorship program is designed to facilitate active and meaningful development of teaching and learning among Niagara University’s faculty community. Mentorship relationships usually represent a year-long commitment and involve some or all of the following activities: classroom observations, assistance with syllabus design, active reflection and discussion of classroom strategies and lesson plans, and development of scholarship of teaching and learning.

Who is invited to participate?

The entire Niagara University teaching community is invited to apply to the mentorship program. This group includes full-time tenured and pre-tenure faculty members, adjunct faculty members, and instructors of all ranks, including NU staff members.

What are the incentives for participating?

You will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with faculty members from all schools within the University. Participation in the faculty membership program will count as recognized service to the University.

How do candidates apply?

To apply as either a mentor or a mentee, please fill out this application form and submit via email to the email address listed on the form. The deadline for applications is September 23.

Successful candidates will be notified via email by October 1. Mentorship pairs will be assigned in consultation with the mentorship program’s ad hoc committee.