Faculty & Student Research

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Graduate students have opportunities to engage in research with faculty members, and develop analytical skills that prepare them for the workforce, doctorate work, or law school.

Graduate Students have recently worked with faculty on the following projects:

  • Collecting domestic violence data from the Niagara Falls Police Department
  • Conducting interviews with domestic violence survivors.
  • Collecting victimization data for death penalty eligible cases.
  • Collecting data on mental health and ineffective assistance of counsel claims in capital cases
  • Identifying and analyzing street level disputes that may lead to gun violence.
  • Examining patterns of gun violence in Niagara Falls and collecting data on co-offending networks.
  • Collecting information on mandatory reporting laws related to sex offending for all 50 states.
  • Conducting interviews with known offenders about gun violence victimization.
  • Analyzing mental heath data from Niagara County Correctional Facility inmates
  • Assessing validity and reliability of risk instrument used by a local agency

Graduate students (denoted by *) also have opportunities to publish with faculty members. Recent publications and current working papers include: 

  • Snow, N.*, Smith, M., Radatz, D. L. (Forthcoming) “Human trafficking and Prostitution.” In Bernat, F. P., & Frailing, K. (eds.). The Encyclopedia of Women and Crime. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.
  •  Snow, N.*, & Radatz, D. L. (Forthcoming) “Marital rape laws.” In Bernat, F. P., & Frailing, K. (eds.). The Encyclopedia of Women and Crime. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.
  •  Harmon, T., Besch, R., Amendola, A., & Pehrson, N. (2016). Post-Furman Death Row Exonerations and Publicity in the News. Criminal Law Bulletin, 52, 1590-1619
  •  Lauger, T.R. & Horning, B.* (In progress). Street gangs and street culture. In J.I. Ross, Handbook of Street Culture, Rutledge. [Invited Submission].
  • Lauger, T.R., Rivera, C., Coleman, R.* (2017). Niagara County GIVE initiative analysis of gun violence patterns and process: Final Report. Contracted under New York Division of Criminal Justice Services GIVE grant. Submitted to Niagara County District Attorney’s Office on Feb 1, 2017. Final Report