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Faculty & Staff Giving

Martie  E. Howell, '96

Martie E. Howell, '96

  • Director of Student Accounts
As a student, I received the Niagara Shares Scholarship. When I received the scholarship, it was such a wonderful gift from the employees of Niagara University. After I became an employee, I wanted to give back to the program that had helped me. Even small amounts can make a difference for our students. If many people give small amounts, they will add up.
David  M. Schoen

David M. Schoen

  • Director of Libraries
As employees, we get so much support from NU in terms of benefits, tuition remission, and a great work environment, that the least we can do is give something back. Plus, Niagara is more than just our employer, it is our community.
Dr. Sharon Watkinson, '66

Dr. Sharon Watkinson, '66

  • Professor of Theatre
For almost 50 years, Niagara University has been not only a full-time teaching career for me, but also a cherished way of life. Niagara has given me gifts in abundance—strong character, rich values and principles, deep faith, lifelong mentors, friends, and colleagues. Niagara has been my family. Who would not want to give back to a family that has given so much to one of its own members! That is why I give to Niagara University––so that others may reap and enjoy the benefits and gifts of the Niagara way of life.
Dr. Craig  J. Rivera

Dr. Craig J. Rivera

  • Associate Professor, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Why do I give?
-A tangible way to help build and strengthen the sense of community at Niagara
-It helps provide valuable scholarships to our talented, dedicated students, who are truly at the core of who we are and why we do what we do
-I benefited from scholarships and financial aid when I was in school, and I look at this as a way to pass these opportunities on to the next generation
-Flexibility in determining exactly where my donation goes, and who it supports at Niagara
-Many exciting programs and initiatives at Niagara, including new ones every year, that benefit from this support