Facility Planning

It is the responsibility of Facility Planning to support the short and long term planning needs, space assessment and aesthetic design standards for Niagara University by managing connections between campus stakeholders, constituents and departments.   

Facility Planning supports:

  • The development and implementation of short- and long-term planning needs for university buildings, facilities and land.  
  • The development and execution of the university’s Strategic/Master plans and capital project processes.
  • The collaboration between university departments, senior leadership, as well as liaising with external engineering, architecture, construction and design firms and government agencies as appropriate to individual projects.    
  • The planning, programming, and presentation of the institution’s capital renewal needs are coordinated with the university’s capital agenda

How do we do it?

  • Ensures compliance with all applicable state and federal code regulations. 
  • Ensures that University Design Standards are maintained on campus to create continuity in overall campus aesthetics and design.
  • Assists with programming needs for all capital and renovation projects, and develops preliminary cost estimates for inclusion in the capital planning and budget process.
  • Infuse and support sustainability practices throughout all planning decisions, technical design considerations and equipment procurement with university departments, staff, student and surrounding communities.  
  • Establishing a basis of design that creates a common reference for team members to understand physical constraints, space utilization, expectations and outcomes.  


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