Facilities & Resources

M.S. Finance ProgramsThe M.S. program utilizes the advanced analytical capabilities of Niagara University’s Financial Services Laboratory. In this environment, students have access to financial databases and software analysis tools found in the financial workplace.

Resources include:

  • Standard & Poor's Capital IQ

    A comprehensive source of financial and pricing data on equity securities, with 20-year historical coverage. It allows students to prepare, analyze and run studies on security pricing and trading strategies.

  • Thompson One Investment Management

    Software that provides complete analysis of portfolio holdings. Real-time information is provided on securities prices, showing order flow and execution as it is happening on the exchanges. Full text of research reports, company conference calls and press conferences.

  • Morningstar

    Analysis and ranking of mutual fund securities.

  • SAS (Statistical Analysis System)

    Software used to conduct sophisticated data analysis and modeling.

  • Stata

  • @Risk

    Simulation program that works with Microsoft Excel to provide detailed "what-if?" analysis in spreadsheet models. Widely used in operations analysis, risk management and corporate finance.

  • FTS (Financial Trading Systems)

    Simulation software that lets you trade real time position in stocks, bonds, future and options. Test equity selection, bond immunization and derivative hedging strategies.

  • Monteagle Fund

  • NU_Finance

  • CFA Investment Research Challenge

  • Global Asset Management Program in New York City

  • CFA Scholarship Opportunity