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Department Events

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Upcoming events:

  • MAA Seaway Section Distinguished Lecture by Dr. David Brown of Ithaca College. Monday, October 1 at 4:00pm in Castellani Art Museum. This is part of NU's October Speaker Series.

Some of the recent past math department events include:

  • Game night in the first week of September 2018.
  • Summer opportunities informational meeting in Fall 2017: led by Dr. Louwsma and Dr. A. Mangum.
  • Special faculty lecture: Dr. Barg spoke about the mathematics of how diseases are spread.
  • Guest lecture in Spring 2016: Dr. Johannes of SUNY Geneseo spoke about the 4th dimension in popular culture.
  • Pi Day (3/14 each year): enjoy pie with friends, and maybe even pie a professor!
  • Day of Recognition (late April each year): math students are honored for outstanding work.


Below are links to some of the premier annual mathematics conferences in the U.S.

MAA MathFest

Joint Mathematics Meetings

Our department has also sent many students to present at or attend the regional Seaway Meeting:

MAA Seaway Section Meeting