Estimated Costs

Download the estimated costs for Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

The following information is provided to assist you in estimating your cost of attendance at Niagara University for the 2016-2017 academic year (fall and spring semesters).

Estimate Direct Costs: *Fall 2016Spring 2017Total
Regular Block Tuition (12-18 credits/semester) (consult your contract if you have a Level Tuition rate) $14,750 $14,750 $29,500
Student Services Fee $725 $725 $1,450
Tuition & Fees $15,475 $15,475 $30,950
Room & Board (traditional residence hall) $6,350 $6,350 $12,700
Total — Tuition, Fees, Room & Board $21,825 $21,825 $43,650

* There are additional charges for room damage deposit, overload tuition, lab fees, theatre course fees, etc. Normal full-time semester program equals 15 credit hours. A student must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours to be considered full time. Students enrolled in more than 18 credit hours will be assessed an additional tuition charge of $985 per credit hour. In calculating the overall cost of a degree program, it is important to remember that some majors require more than the standard 120 credit hours and some majors may require students to take more than 18 credit hours in a semester. Students enrolled in these programs will incur additional charges at the per credit hour rate. Students will also incur additional charges for non-credit developmental courses. Likewise, students should know that some majors require additional fees. Please check the hour requirements of your major before determining your costs and fees. Consult the NU Undergraduate Catalog for a complete listing of fees or go online

Other Costs:Total
All students: Books and supplies $1,050
Resident (on-campus) students: Transportation & personal $1,450
Off-Campus students: Housing & food allowance $9,400
Off-Campus students: Transportation & Personal $4,750
Commuter students: At home room & board allowance $1,500
Commuter students: Transportation & personal $2,000