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About Eta Sigma Delta

Eta Sigma Delta is an international honor society that recognizes exceptional academic achievement among hospitality and tourism students. Eta Sigma Delta is administered by the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (ICHRIE), the leading international association devoted to hospitality and tourism education.

The Benefits of an Eta Sigma Delta Chapter

ESD chapters provide professional, organizational and educational benefits that affect individual students, the hospitality program and the institution.

The professional benefits include an opportunity for outstanding students to distinguish themselves in the eyes of educators, recruiters and industry executives in an increasingly competitive industry. In addition, ESD provides a networking system among its 90+ chapters that allows for interaction and the exchange of information between students. Some chapters also serve as a networking vehicle between ESD alumni members and active undergraduate members.

From an organizational standpoint, ESD can serve as a means of uniting outstanding students for campus activities, fundraisers and volunteer programs. Educational benefits include the opportunity for ESD chapters to provide a stimulus for students to strive for academic excellence. By functioning as a resource for the hospitality programs, ESD chapters can also provide tutoring or other forms of academic support for students needing assistance.


In 1978, a group of students from the University of New Hampshire’s Whittemore School of Business and Economics (now The Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics), identified a need to recognize hospitality and tourism students for outstanding academic achievement, meritorious service and demonstrated professionalism. At that time, honor societies existed for other disciplines, but not for the field of study serving one of the world’s largest industries.

As a special project, the students researched and evaluated a variety of options for fulfilling this need. The end result was the establishment of the first chapter of Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Society. In 1997, members of the Board of Governors voted to combine AXT and ESD into one Hospitality Management Society. Since 1978, 90+ chapters have been established on various campuses.


2019 Eta Sigma Delta Inductees:

  • Emma Carlo
  • Alexa Ciprich
  • Nicole Deconinck
  • Brooke Devin
  • Julia Greber
  • Emma Halstead
  • Cheyenna Hatch
  • Micaela Inglese
  • Laura Kuhn
  • Jessica Lachner
  • Mikayla Miloshevski
  • Lydia Newton
  • Emily Scarsella
  • Karlie Schiffler
  • Marissa Schirmer

 2019 Eta Sigma Delta Board Members: 

  • President: Grace Dittman
  • Secretary: Lita Keller
  • Treasurer: Bobby Strait

ESD 2020

2018 Eta Sigma Delta Inductees:

  • Jacob Cardinal
  • Sophia Cerulli
  • Erin Clark
  • Zachary Devantier
  • Grace Dittman
  • Julia Freeman
  • Gregory Jubert
  • Lita Keller
  • Lorena Kleideiter
  • Kathryn Ryan
  • Taylor Salat
  • Alana Scribani
  • Gabriella Simoneit
  • Bobby Strait
  • Melanie Ulrich
  • Lindsay Yates

2018 Eta Sigma Delta Board Members:

  • President: Hannah Bushey
  • Vice President: Anh Phan

ESD 2018

2017 Eta Sigma Delta Inductees:

  • Rebecca Allen
  • Holly Avino
  • Hannah Bushey
  • Jessica Carder
  • Laura Day
  • Nadine Euler
  • Allison Johnstone
  • Isabel Koecher
  • Vanessa Korn
  • Carley Lester
  • Gregory Maiola
  • Morgan Miller
  • Faith Moenich
  • Larissa Ost
  • Aino Paernaenen
  • Nicole Schimmenti
  • Cassidie Smith
  • Alicia St. Germain
  • Zuke Zlockie

2017 Eta Sigma Delta Board Members:

  • President: Moriah Veer
  • Vice President: Anh Phan
  • Secretary: Laura Quinn
  • Treasurer: Quynh Nguyen

ESD 2017 Inductees Resized

2016 Eta Sigma Delta Inductees:

  • Hannah Brannan
  • Angela Diblasi
  • Carolin Hardt
  • Fabian Lehmann
  • Honora McCormack
  • Marie-Christine Mueller
  • Quynh Nguyen
  • Ashley Palmer
  • Anh Phan
  • Laura Quinn
  • Fabienne Springer
  • Moriah Veer
  • Jessica Will

2016 Eta Sigma Delta Board Members:

  • President: Carl Bailey
  • Vice President: Linh Chiem
  • Secretary: Nicholas Wojcicki

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