Alumni Spotlights

Eric Hall, ’99, Provides Patient Care Through Technology

  • on June 22, 2020
  • by Lisa McMahon, MA;09

When Eric Hall, ’99, joined NurseGrid a year and a half ago as vice president of professional services and customer success, he had no way of knowing that the app, which was created in 2013 to streamline communication, staffing, and scheduling in nursing departments, would become a crucial way for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facilities to ensure staffing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many healthcare workers on the front lines have contracted the virus, and others have resigned due to the physical, mental, and emotional toll the virus is taking, yet medical facilities need to be adequately staffed to treat their patients. By replacing the paper-based scheduling systems typically used by these facilities, NurseGrid, an automated scheduling system, has enabled them to quickly ensure they have the staff they need.   

“With COVID, we had to be creative,” Hall said, noting that the team at NurseGrid adjusted the features and functionality of the software in response to the need for staff to move across state lines, as well as to account for schedules that have become more flexible during the current health crisis.

After a 10-year career as an Army Nurse Corps officer, Hall, who attended Niagara University on a nursing ROTC scholarship, transitioned from serving at the bedside of patients to delivering healthcare through technology. His previous positions include building operations and customer success teams for startup companies, including one that delivered healthcare to rural areas in 27 developing nations via telemedicine.  

“I decided to use my experience in patient care to help healthcare technology understand work flows and to guide it around best practices,” he said. “I got to see what we were doing with patient care, and I saw how the other side of patient care was pretty cool, how we could impact patients technologically.”

Today, he draws on both his direct care experience, which he keeps current by seeing patients as a member of a team that transports the critically ill via helicopter, and his more than 2o years in healthcare technology, to lead the operations of the location teams that install the NurseGrid software.

The opportunity to provide care for the sick in this new way has been an impactful experience for Hall.

“To me, what we do is very gratifying,” he said.  “We can see first-hand how technology is keeping our patients safe, which is awesome, especially in this new world that we’re all living in.”