Team Profiles

Below, you'll find pictures and bios of many of our competitors.

  • Justin, Kenita, Eric, Tony, Steven, and Jillian

    To the far left Justin Baumann, to the left Kenita Lee, to the left middle Eric Evchich, to the middle right Tony Perez, to the middle right Steven Persaud, and to the far right Jillian Cook. Together we make University Hots. A food truck business dedicated to serving the needs of the people of Niagara Falls the food of Niagara University with a healthy twist.

    We joined this competition because we want to bring the people of Niagara Falls and people from all over the world the food of Niagara University. For people to experience all of the great food Niagara University has to offer, with a truck that has a black and purple theme with a big eagle will be extremely important for the University other than just the money. Many people that have to travel far for food, you don’t have to worry no more. There will be many different locations throughout the Niagara Falls region where we will stopping during the day, so if you miss us at one location, you can always catch us at another. I Hope everyone enjoys the taste of Niagara University and not just the students.
    Most of us enjoy spending long nights at the library but, when hanging out and talking about our day, the Gallagher Center is the place to be. For some of us in the group keeping physically fit is also a must. For this the Kiernan Center is where we like to lift weights and maybe take a zumba class or two.

    Many of us have many different things we like about Niagara U, but the one thing we can all agree on is best is the Professors, they are always there giving a helping hand and always available when you need them. Well, other than the food of course!

  • Jenniffer Mireles

    I’m Jenniffer Mireles from New York City and a junior at Niagara University studying marketing. I joined the EntrepreNU competition to challenge my capacity in solving problems. On campus, I like to participate in organizations/clubs and volunteer for different causes. My favorite thing about Niagara University is the opportunity to grow as an individual. Niagara University has helped me learn how to make a difference and I am now happy to volunteer at any opportunity given to me.