EntrepreNU FAQ

Yes. Definitely. You don't need to submit an idea to register, but you do need to register in order to compete.

Yes. Definitely. You don't need a full business plan for the fall semester, just an outline. And we'll help you out with that – we have multiple workshops planned over the course of the semester.

Yes. Definitely. Odds are, this is more fun than all your other work. In fact, this isn't even really work. This is about creating something new, something exciting. This is about helping the community. This is about taking the lead. This is about getting together with your friends to change the world. It's not about work.

Yes. Definitely. We'll help you find teammates throughout the course of the fall semester. We have multiple workshops and meetings and chances for you to meet others who are passionate about the same ideas.

The only workshop that's mandatory for all teams is the community meeting in October. All the workshops are strongly recommended, though, since they're designed to provide valuable information - both for your knowledge of society and for your proposal.

Certainly.  Feel free to e-mail any of the members of our team, or the EntrepreNU e-mail address to set up an appointment.

No, only NU students can be official team members for the competition.  Once you start your business, though, you can work with anybody you choose.