Empowering Me and My Future

by Mr. John Magliocca on October 28, 2016
Empowering Me and My Future

John Magliocca is a graduate assistant in the Niagara University athletic department. He is a current student in the sport management program at Niagara University and will graduate in May 2017.

My graduate assistantship within the Niagara University athletic department has provided me an outstanding opportunity to witness firsthand how a NCAA Division I athletic department functions from behind the scenes. The job has provided me the opportunity to interact with high-ranking members of the athletic department and gain perspective on many reasons for why things are the way they are in collegiate athletics, both as a whole and at Niagara.

My main responsibilities center on group ticket sales. I have been responsible for creating lists of potential groups who may wish to attend Niagara’s men’s hockey, men’s basketball and women’s basketball contests, and then contacting these organizations in an attempt to get them to our facilities to attend games. While this can be challenging, and I hear “no” far more often than “yes,” it is a very rewarding feeling when a group that started as a simple phone number or email address on a website is enticed to come to an event!

Some additional tasks that I am responsible for place me in something of an external relations role, including the organization and facilitation of the NU Kids Club. I have had the pleasure of working with our partners at ADPRO Sports to design unique Kids Club T-shirts, as well as our partners at ComDoc to create and print Kids Club membership cards. I have put together events for the club, and even distribute a monthly newsletter courtesy of Monte himself!

While, as with any job, there are challenges and rewards. I am truly thankful for the opportunity enlisted to me by the university and by the athletic department. Although I am unsure what exactly my future holds, I will be better and more prepared for it as a result of my two years with Niagara University athletics.

If you are interested in learning more about the Master of Science in sport management, please contact Patrick Tutka at ptutka@niagara.edu or at 716.286.8653.