To learn how to write a resume, look for a job or further your career, contact Career Services (Seton Hall Lower Level, Ext. 8500, careers@niagara.edu).

Contact Sarina Munzi or Elizabeth Broomfield in Records to determine what employment is allowed by your visa status or visit www.ice.gov/sevis/employment/index.htm  for U.S. government information

On-Campus Employment

You may work on campus without special work permission. You may work up to a maximum of  20 hours weekly while school is in session and full time during vacation periods.

Please be noted that to start working and receive benefits, you should apply for social security card. Please follow instruction here.

Off-Campus Employment  

Only available through applying  for CPT or OPT (see below).  

Curricular Practical Training

You may be authorized by the International Student Advisor to  participate in practical training, which is an integral part of an  established program before completion of your studies. The work may be internship, cooperative education, or other required practicum offered by sponsoring employers through cooperative agreements with NU. The work must be for credit,  and be proven to result from an agreement between the employer and the university. Please note that students who have received 12 months of full-time curricular practical training are not eligible for optional practical training. For more information, contact Elizabeth Broomfield in the Records Office.  

Optional Practical Training

An F-1 student visa holder who has been in the U.S. as a full-time student for one academic year or more may apply to the  U.S. Government for OPT benefits. OPT allows eligible students  to work in their field of study:  
  • During vacation periods;  
  • During the semester, but  less than 20 hours per week (part-time will be deducted at the rate of two part-time to one full-time);
  • After completion of all required course work for the degree, while working on the thesis, dissertation or equivalent;
  • After completion of the course of study.

Authorization for practical training must be granted before a student starts to work. The fee for application is $380.

More information is at www.ice.gov/sevis/students/opt.htm or see Elizabeth Broomfield.

The Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services is very strict regarding employment. If U.S. rules are violated, your permission to study full-time in this country can be revoked and you may be immediately deported.