Email Signature

A Niagara University email signature acts as a digital business card. It's imperative to present your email signature in a clean, professional, and unified manner, just as you would with your traditional printed business card.


Example NU Email Signature 1

Example Email Signature 2

Copy and Paste

Monte Eagle

Niagara University
Office of Enrollment Marketing | Gallagher Center Room 101
Niagara University, NY 14109
O: 716.286.0000 | C: 716.780.000 | F: 716.286.1000 |

What to Include in Your Email Signature


  • Name
  • Title
  • Niagara University
  • Department
  • Phone number(s)
  • (linked)


  • Gender pronouns
  • Room number
  • Fax number
  • Additional phone numbers
  • Additional college website links (ex.
  • Social media links

Be sure to include your updated signature on your account.

How to create a signature in Gmail

How to Format Your Signature

  • Name and Niagara University
  • Color: Black
  • Font: Verdana
  • Format: Bold
  • Size: Small

All Additional information

  • Color: Black
  • Font: Verdana
  • Format: Regular
  • Size: Small

Breaks in information

Name/title, location, phone, and digital information should be defined by a vertical pipe with a space on each side.


Information | Information

Confidentiality Disclaimer and Other Disclaimers

Please include confidentiality and other types of disclaimers if necessary based on position and department needs. this disclaimer should be in black small font and placed two lines under the signature.

Email and Web Addresses

  • Email and web addresses should be hyperlinked and underlined.
  • Do not capitalize.
  • For a clean look, do not include https://www. just,


  • If possible, change default blue links to an acceptable color, such as black.
  • Check that the links work!


  • Gmail font: Verdana
  • Do not use scripts or novelty fonts.


  • Single, capitalized letters are used to label contact information.
  • Office Phone: O
  • Direct Phone: D
  • Cellphone: C
  • Fax: F

Logos and Graphics

Do not include the Niagara University's logo or insert other images or graphics, like pictures in an email signature or as backgrounds for an entire message. Images and graphics are commonly blocked for security reasons and do not display correctly in all email systems, and are often included as attachments (which people may be hesitant to open).

Social Media Links

Niagara University allows you to include social media account links in your email signatures. To list social media accounts use the icon that can be copied from the example with the inserted hyperlinks. Include all social media links listed or none at all.

Unacceptable Variations

If your email signature varies beyond the brand standard you may be asked to update or modify it due to brand consistency.