Andie Corso

  • Deputy Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Programs, Division of Early Childhood Education - NYC Department of Education
As a full time professional working in NYC, the ability to take all of my classes online in the evening provided the flexibility I needed to invest in my own professional development as an Education Leader. Niagara professors bring real-world expertise to their courses and are committed to applying research and theory to realistic challenges in the field. The through line that connected all of my learning at Niagara was the discipline of reflective practice. Participating in the Educational Leadership program at Niagara made me a better leader while I was in the program and I know that it will benefit me (and the children I serve) for years to come.

Lorna Washington

  • Chief of Staff/Special Asst to the EPO Superintendent
Promotion into an educational leadership role is incredible, but trying to make this transition as a “career changer” is difficult. The Educational Leadership program offered an opportunity to take my career to the next level. The online course offerings although challenging, were flexible enough to fit into my busy schedule without disrupting my lifestyle. The faculty were attentive and always responsive to my needs and circumstances, they went above and beyond to ensure my success in the program. As a non-traditional student, transitioning into school district leadership, I am confident that had it not been for the preparation provided by the ED Leadership program at Niagara University, I would not have gained the skills and knowledge necessary to be as successful as I am today. This program prepared me not only for today’s competitive job market but for future progress as well.

Antony McLetchie

  • Superintendent/CEO - Rochester School for the Deaf
My education from Niagara University Education Leadership Program has served me well in my professional capacity upon moving to New York from Ontario, Canada. The program has adequately prepared me for the challenges and transition I encounter on a daily basis as a superintendent/CEO. The NU Education Leadership Program deserves more than 5 stars for being accommodating, accessible, and providing academic rigor! NU provide students access to experienced and professional instructors who truly are knowledgeable in their disciplines. The on-line program was a great opportunity to connect with wide-diverse educators from all over the state and share our knowledge and passion. I am thankful for the wonderful professional learning community with a team of dedicated faculty and instructor at the Education Leadership program at Niagara University.

Mary Jo Dunkle

  • Assistant Special Education Director - Clarence Central Schools
I can not express enough what a pleasure and wonderful experience I had with the educational leadership program. The program covers the variety of topics that any administrator will encounter with a vast array of information shared on these different areas. The professors in the program come from a variety of administration backgrounds providing the students with information on all aspects of administration. Not only do the professors bring their experience but they will go the extra mile to help you with a variety of concerns or questions you may have. The online format allows for interaction with your classmates in the comfort of your own home. As well as allowing for interaction with students across the country to learn about different perspectives. I would recommend the program to any other person interested in pursuing a career in administration.