Dean's Office Staff

Name Phone Email
Dr. Chandra J. Foote
Dean, College of Education
716.286.8549 Send Email to Dr. Chandra J. Foote
Tammy Bruno
Assistant Dean, College of Education
716.286.8233 Send Email to Tammy Bruno
Tracia McKissic
Director of Teacher Education Field Experience
716.286.8739 Send Email to Tracia McKissic
Jennifer Montie
Admin. Assistant to Dean
716.286.8560 Send Email to Jennifer Montie
Dr. Lisa Kilanowski
Associate Dean, College of Education
716.286.8797 Send Email to Dr. Lisa Kilanowski
Therese Losardo
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
716.286.8547 Send Email to Therese Losardo
Danielle Jackson
Certification Officer
716-286-8545 Send Email to Danielle Jackson

Department Chairs

Name Phone Email
Dr. Carol Doyle-Jones
Chairperson, Department of Ontario Educational Studies
905.447.3464 Send Email to Dr. Carol Doyle-Jones
Dr. Mary Ellen Bardsley
Chairperson, Teacher Education
716.286.8695 Send Email to Dr. Mary Ellen Bardsley
Dr. James Mills
Chairperson, Department of Leadership Studies
716.286.8553 Send Email to Dr. James Mills
Dr. Kathleen McGrath
Chairperson, Advanced Teacher Education
716.286.8401 Send Email to Dr. Kathleen McGrath
Dr. Kristine Augustyniak
Chairperson, Counseling and Applied Psychology
716.286.8548 Send Email to Dr. Kristine Augustyniak


Name Phone Email
Hiam Arab
Secretary, Ontario Education Programs
905.294.7260 Send Email to Hiam Arab
Erika Edwards
Administrative Assistant
716.286.8574 Send Email to Erika Edwards
Lillian Maerten
Office Coordinator - Teacher Education
716.286.8683 Send Email to Lillian Maerten
Paula Prohaska
Office Coordinator, Graduate Education
716.286.8336 Send Email to Paula Prohaska
Delois Moore
Assessment Coordinator
716.286.8738 Send Email to Delois Moore
Tasheena Brundidge
Office Coordinator
716.286.8550 Send Email to Tasheena Brundidge