College of Education Staff

Dean's Office Staff

Name Phone Email
Dr. Chandra J. Foote
Dean, College of Education
716.286.8549 cjf(at)
Dr. Mary Ellen Bardsley
Associate Dean
716.286.8695 bardsley(at)
Tammy Bruno
Assistant Dean, College of Education
716.286.8233 tbruno(at)
Tracia McKissic
Director of Teacher Education / Field Experience
716.286.8739 tlm(at)
Saima Horab
Assistant Director of Graduate Programs, College of Education
716.286.8511 shorab(at)

Department Chairs

Name Phone Email
Dr. Alice Kozen
Chairperson, Middle and Adolescence Education Department (5-12)
716.286.7386 akozen(at)
Dr. Christian Elia
Chairperson, Ontario Educational Studies Department
416.969.8800 celia(at)
Dr. Robin Erwin
Chair, Professional Studies Department
716.286.8551 rerwin(at)
Michelle Ciminelli
Chairperson, Early Childhood and Childhood Education Department (B-6)
716.286.8184 mrcim(at)


Name Phone Email
Hiam Arab
Secretary, Ontario Education Programs
905.294.7260 harab(at)
Jennifer Montie
Academic Assistant, Department of Teacher Education
716.286.8550 jmontie(at)
Beverly Eiler
Certification Officer
716.286.8574 bje(at)
Lillian Maerten
Office Coordinator - Teacher Education
716.286.8683 lmaerten(at)
Nancy Wagner
Office Coordinator, Graduate Education
716.286.8336 nwagner(at)
Maritza Mulready
Assessment Coordinator
716.286.8738 mmulready(at)