Notable Alumni

Edwin Paul Maynard

Edwin Paul Maynard (2000)

Niagara Falls High School
Master's in Foundations of Education
Instructional Coach at Niagara Falls High School

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, N.Y., I attended LaSalle Sr. High School, competing for the school's swim team and qualifying for the Empire State Games Open Water Polo team. Upon graduation in 1990, I was accepted to Ohio’s Bowling Green State University to begin my pursuit of secondary teaching in science.

At Bowling Green, I was a finalist for the school's prestigious Student Leader of the Year in 1994 for work I did during the school's NCATE accreditation process, the reemergence of the school's water polo team, and development of the university's Learn to Swim and Lifeguard training programs.

After graduating from Bowling Green in 1994, I returned to Niagara Falls to give back to a district that gave me and my family so much over the years. I attended Niagara University beginning in 1995 to pursue a master’s degree in Foundations of Teaching.

Niagara University's master’s program gave me a more thorough grasp of teaching as a craft and helped me develop skills that would benefit me and my students for 13 years.

Being named Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers five times was an honor that proves my teaching abilities were not going unnoticed or unappreciated by my students. Within that time, I was also elected by my peers as the Science Department chairman, which required me to take on the daunting task of heading the curriculum renewal process for the department. This enabled me to create three new high-interest,contemporary science electives that also aligned with Niagara University’s NUSTEP program.

Today, students of NFHS are receiving more than 200 post-high school credits in chemistry, human biology, and earth science because of the courses I developed in forensics, sports medicine, and natural disasters.

In 1997, the Niagara Falls City School District was awarded a STEM (science, technology engineering and mathematics) grant to enhance performance in the various fields. I was named the instructional coach at Niagara Falls High School, providing 60 teachers in the various disciplines with embedded professional development. The work and people I came in close contact with came into focus as we were named to represent the high school during the Middle States accreditation process.

Regardless of the background of the teacher, the use of technology has always been an equalizing factor for me. As the instructional coach of a very large population, I used many avenues of technology integration to assist me and give relevance to each workshop I presented.

My current work includes various teachers implementing the “flipped classroom model,” while provided the technology support and assisting in the implementation of new teaching strategies and pedagogy. It’s a new and very bold way of changing instruction, but the time for change was now and it’s an avenue that seems to be showing great gains.

Recently, I have been named a “district champion” for Niagara Falls and now have the great honor of teaching EDU 598 Technology in Education to graduate students at Niagara University. I’ve also been given the extremely difficult but rewarding challenge of developing two STEM labs at Niagara Falls High School – one with a biomedical focus and the other as an Applied Innovations Lab with an engineering theme. Both labs will be outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment while students perform the most cutting-edge practices with the guidance from industry and medical professionals to create the most comprehensive college and career-ready curriculum in Western New York.