Notable Alumni

Dave Vandermolen, M.S.

Dave Vandermolen, M.S. (2009)

St Catharines Ontario
Teacher, District School Board of Niagara

Teaching is a career change for me. I had run a very successful business for over 20 years and felt a change was needed in my life. I wanted to do something more meaningful and somehow make a difference with youth.

Well, as soon as I graduated, the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) picked me up and I began teaching in an alternative education environment. I taught off-site and had students that could not be successful in a traditional high school environment.

Presenting concerns included mental illness, drug abuse, defiant behaviour, or attendance. Teaching these students has been both trying and incredibly rewarding! I have only taught for a short time but I am looking forward to many years of the same challenges and rewards.

Niagara University has played such an important part in my transformation. My decision to attend NU has been reaffirmed as correct so many times. I think back to the first day I saw the school and got information, including the mission statement and philosophy. It turns out the school, staff and I share a very important outlook. NU follows St. Vincent de Paul and his charitable nature, as do I. I am determined to help ALL students to the best of my ability no matter what their circumstances or condition. I hope to help make them thoughtful, participating people in their community. I wanted to make a difference and I’m really doing it!

Thank you to Niagara University. To the wonderful staff, I am so very grateful. Your hand in teaching me is now, in turn, helping others.

Living the dream,

Dave Vandermolen