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Dr. Paul Vermette

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Dr. Paul Vermette has been a professional educator since l971. He has served as a teacher and supervisor of Social Studies in public and parochial schools in New York and New Jersey and has been at Niagara University in a full-time capacity since l985. He has authored (or co-authored) four texts on learning from teaching and is the author of over 3 dozen articles on the topics of constructivism, cooperative learning and concept learning. In the last few years he has also published on both Social-Emotional Learning and the Teaching of Math, two critically important modern topics

Vermette has been a highly visible advocate for teacher professional growth, conducting hundreds workshops and serving as a consultant on both sides of the US-Canadian border. Vermette has served in various capacities for external agencies and organizations and is currently President-Elect of NYACTE. (He also served as President of the Executive Board of New York State ATE in the early 90’s). He has also been deeply involved in the activities of the Institute for Learning-Centered Education (Potsdam, NY), The NYS Middle School Association, The NYS Council for Social Studies and the Great Lakes Association for Cooperation in Education (Toronto). He has served on several Catholic School Boards of Trustees (and is now on the Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls Board).  

At Niagara, Vermette teaches courses in instructional methods, curriculum planning, and teaching for diversity and played a role in both the creation of, and the continuing development of, the CCTL, a University committee that has been instrumental in the creation of the “active & integrated” philosophy that marks the institution’s commitment to quality teaching.

Vermette has been named to Educational Awards several times, the first as a teacher in the Diocese of Buffalo (l976), later as NU Professor of the Year in l998 and the last for the Neal Appleby Award for NY’s Outstanding Teacher Educator in 2007. (He was also Niagara University’s candidate for US Professor of the Year in 2007-2008 AND 2008-09.)

Vermette is extraordinarily proud of his former students, NU graduates who have made their marks as superb classroom teachers. This list is lengthy, but includes Jason Blokhuis, Vince Rinaldo, Cindy Kline, Susan Hibbard, Toby Marr, Tim Rudan, John Solarski, Dan Johnson, Mary Murray, Edie White, Monica Burgio, Karrie and Jennifer Jones, John Schneider, Jr., Bryan Hall and Molly Koelle.

Current Research

Amongst his publications are the following 3 articles that are relevant here:

Vermette, P.J. and Foote, C.J. (2001). Constructivist Philosophy and cooperative learning practice, American Secondary Education, 30,1,26-37.

Vermette, P.J. (l994, March). Four fatal flaws: Avoiding the common mistakes of novice users of cooperative learning, The High School Journal,  255-260.

Vermette, P.J., Foote, C.J., Battaglia, C.,Mesibov, D., Bird, C., and Harris-Ewing, S. (2000) Understanding constructivism(s): A primer for parents and school board members,

Education, 122, 1, 87-93.