Early Childhood Development and Cognition

The College of Education's bachelor of arts degree program seeks to ensure the quality of care and education for young children and their families by providing state of the art preparation in best practices to current and future early child care practitioners.

This program combines knowledge of early learning and cognitive development, family, school and community relations, observation, documentation and assessment, resources and materials to enhance early cognitive, emotional and physical development, leadership and professionalism; and managing early child care programs, including knowledge of program planning and evaluation, and human and financial resources.

Who are the graduates of this program?

  • Directors of a child care center
  • Owners or operators of a child care center
  • Preschool or nursery school director
  • Program administrators for early childhood programs
  • Child care administrators
  • Staff members at a child-centric human services agency, hospital, or government department
  • Day care providers (private or public, small or large)
  • Head Start or pre-school professionals
  • Lead and head teachers in a private infant/toddler or pre-school
  • Teaching assistants and social and human services assistants  

Program Highlights

  • This 121-credit-hour program includes 36 credit hours of coursework across academic disciplines, including social work, sociology, communication, business, sociology and psychology.
  • Education coursework that will further understanding of child development and cognition, language and literacy, resources and materials in early learning, family and leadership in child care programs.
  • Comprehensive field experiences throughout the program in a variety of community agencies and child care centers.
  • Transfer credit options to maximize time to degree completion