DVDs and Videos

The Academic Success Center has DVDs and videos on a variety of study skills topics. Students may view them in our office, and faculty may borrow them for classroom use.

  • The Master Schedule: Planning for Success (30 minutes)
  • What to Expect in the College Classroom (36 minutes)
  • Effective Note-Taking (23 minutes)
  • Where There’s a Will, There’s an A   (Tape 1: 115 minutes; Tape 2: 55 minutes)
  • You Can Never Say, “I Didn’t Have Time for That” (30 minutes)
  • Power Strategies for Time Management (40 minutes)
  • Power Strategies for Lecture Notetaking   (45 minutes)
  • Power Strategies for Textbook Reading (30 minutes)
  • Lecture Notetaking (30 minutes)
  • Staying Focused: Improving Motivation and Concentration (30 minutes)
  • Math is a Four-Letter Word (20 minutes)
  • How to Become a Superstar Student: Annotation & Active Reading (30 minutes)
  • Niagara University Students Share Their Secrets for Success   (60 minutes)
  • Memory Skills (30 minutes)
  • This is a Test, This is Only a Test: Test-Taking Techniques (30 minutes)
  • How to Cut Your Reading Time (14 minutes)
  • Test Anxiety (23 minutes)
  • English Composition: Writing for an Audience