Down to the Wire: Preparing for Final Exams

by Derek Ricioppo on December 9, 2016

I am in the midst of preparing for my final exams and projects. I have a few assignments to complete before the end of the semester. I also have already completed two classes, which just wrapped up yesterday.

Yesterday was the last day of my Tuesday-Thursday classes. For my final Oral Interpretation class, we finished giving our final presentations. I felt that I did well in the class and learned valuable skills on speaking in front of an audience and interpreting text.

For our final public speaking class, we finished up our special occasion speeches and some general course wrap up. I felt that I learned very valuable skills in public speaking, and I personally feel that a public speaking class is very important to take in college. In addition, I believe that public speaking should be enforced as a general education requirement, especially at liberal arts-focused college such as NU.

For my American Deaf Culture class, I am currently working on finishing up my written portfolio and presentation for the academic demonstration on Monday. The demonstration will be an open house, where we will present our research and demonstrate how the information we researched on deafness, relates to our specific major. I am looking forward to getting the presentation done, and presenting the information on Monday.

For my Film and Culture class, we had our final exam this week and we have our group presentations next week. In groups, we select a horror film, and present on how the film and its themes relate to the material we have covered in the course. My group is presenting on The Silence of the Lambs and we met yesterday to go over our presentation for next week. I feel like we have put together a good presentation.

I am reaching the end of my college career at NU, and it is a bitter-sweet feeling.