Each spring, diversity grants are awarded to faculty that conduct research to support the development of courses with diversity content in the Niagara University curriculum. The purpose of the grant is to provide faculty with resources to enable them to design their instruction to enhance the teaching and learning of students with different backgrounds, learning styles, abilities and disabilities. Related to this main objective, the diversity grants support the development of programs, minors and majors linked to diversity issues.  

Taking the previous statement in consideration, the diversity committee would like to encourage the development or enhancement of courses in any major that help build programs related to diversity.

For additional information and a grant proposal application, please contact Diane Stoelting at 716.286.8076 or ds@niagara.edu.

Diversity Grant

Name Phone Email
David Blackburn
Chairperson (Director of Multicultural and International Student Affairs)
Sylvia Valentin
Co-Chair (Assistant Professor in Education)
Carlos Tejada
Administrative Co-Chair (Associate Dean for Graduate Recruitment)
Gina Ponce de Leon
Cultural Studies (Associate Professor of Spanish)
Harry Gong
Enrollment Services (Director of Admissions)
Bob Swanson
Student Life/Career Services (Coordinator of Cooperative Education)
Dr. Todd Scheoplin
Research (Chairperson and Assistant Professor of Sociology)
Bernadette Brennan
International (Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Diane Stoelting
Persons with Disabilities (Coordinator of Disability Services)
Rev. Bruce Krause, C.M.
Mission/Respect (Campus Minister)
Judy Willard
Affirmative Action (Assistant to the President for Planning)
Crystal Brea
Diversity Advocate Student Representative
Dr. Chris Lee
Student/Faculty Engagement Representative (Assistant Professor)