Dejanique Hoskins


Dejanique Hoskins, known by her friends and family as "Deja", is a native of Harlem, New York. Deja has one younger sister named Meccah. Deja is a Sophmore who studies History and minors in African Studies.

She aspires to attend law school, but rather than practice law, she plans on teaching law, concentrating on criminal law. In her spare time, Deja loves to surround herself with fashion and photography, these are two of her favorite interests.

Growing up in Harlem has not always been the easiest task for Deja, but with her mother by her side always...she made it! Her mom, whom she gives much credit, instilled in Deja principles of hard work and determination.

Being part of the Niagara University Diversity Advocates is something Deja feels can spark more conversation among important issues with her fellow peers. She wants to positively change the atmosphere of Niagara University. This is why she joined, and this is why she feels you should also join this student organization.