Distance Teaching

Distance Learning Tools and Resources

In addition to watching the training videos and accessing the Canvas guides, you may find the following tools, resources, and articles helpful. 

Canvas: Getting Started Quickly

Are you looking for resources to help you move online quickly? Canvas LMS has put together a handy guide for getting started. This guide includes popular FAQs, a flowchart, and a collection of videos. 

Syllabus Language

In an effort to clarify expectations to students in response to a required absence from class due to COVID-19 related concerns, the following language, recommended by the Academic Task Force, will be communicated to students by Health Services. It may be helpful to adapt this language in your syllabi to communicate to students expectations for class attendance/participation.

Students must go through the Niagara University Health Services office to determine the need for quarantine or isolation. If a student completes a COVID-19 screening off campus or chooses to self-quarantine for whatever reason, the University will have no official record, and any resulting absences from class may not be excused. Health Services will notify the student's instructors about any mandated temporary absence, as described in the three categories listed below.

All students in quarantine and isolation are still expected to participate remotely in all classes and turn in all assignments by the indicated due dates.  Students in quarantine or isolation must contact any in-person instructors about accommodations during their physical absence from class. Students who become too ill to complete coursework remotely must contact Health Services (716.286.8390) or the 24-hour nurse helpline (716.263.5782) immediately.

  •  In person attendance: Student is able to attend in person classes and complete all coursework.
  •  Remote participation: Student has demonstrated a documented need for remote learning for a specified period of time, as verified by the appropriate university office. The student is expected to attend and participate in class remotely in the manner outlined by the faculty member, and is expected to submit all assignments on time.
  • Unable to participate: Student has presented documentation that indicates that they will  not be able to participate in class activities, including both in person and remote attendance, as well as assignments, for a clearly defined period of time or until further notice (this might include documented serious illness or documented family   emergency) as verified by the appropriate university office.