Discover The World - Spain

Discover The World - Spain

Road Trip Throughout Spain

Life is about creating your own path and being happy each and every step of that path. You can take that saying metaphorically or literally like we did. We created our own path throughout Spain with one objective: explore and become more cultured.

My professor once told me that someone would be able to write a better book about Spanish culture if they just experienced it for a short period of time - compared to the person who’s grown up in it and is accustomed to the traditions because the person who is new to it finds the beauty in the simplicity or the complexity of it. For example, on this road trip, we found the beauty in every city we visited; we were able to overcome all the speed bumps and enjoyed each city the best we could.

madrid konrad

Madrid – This picture of Manny, Alec, Konrad, and Zach was in front of Real Madrid’s Stadium.

Although it was rainy that day, we made the best of it. We found a way to go inside the stadium and enjoyed the views of every angle. We also stumbled upon a zoo in Madrid; this zoo was crazy. There were white tigers and monkeys that almost jumped out of their exhibit. We finished Madrid by seeing ARCO, which is a famous art festival and we saw sculptures and famous paintings. (City 1 … Check)

valencia konrad

Valencia – Valencia was beautiful. We had to stop at the train station because we heard music coming from that direction.

It was a street drum line performance and that’s the best thing about traveling; you will never know what you’ll run into. Lastly, we went to “Ciudad de las Artes,” which is what Valencia is famous for. This picture was taken just moments before we realized we were in a restricted area and were asked to leave. (City 2 … Check)

barcelona konrad

Barcelona – I could talk about how beautiful Barcelona was for pages, however, the highlight of the city was going to Camp Nou.

I never thought I would be able to see the best player in the world play, let alone in Barcelona. The game was surreal, the passion the fans showed the players was something I’ve never seen before. Futbol is a religion; the fans were chanting the entire game, which made the atmosphere one that I will never forget. And one that every footballer needs to put on their bucket list. (City 3 … Check)

heart of spain konrad

Heart of Spain. Naturally, we had to avoid tolls and took the 12-hour route from Barcelona to Granada and drove through the heart of Spain.

At times, we were the only car in sight, windows down, just enjoying the Spanish sun. This picture was taken to show the terrain that we drove through for the majority of the route.

granada konrad

Finally taking on Granada. Enjoyed site-seeing and live music on the streets.

malaga konrad

Malaga – We walked around the entire city and ate some local food, but decided to take the picture on a random playground.

gibraltar konrad

Gibraltar – This was the most fitting way to finish the road trip. We got to Gibraltar at 3 a.m. and drove around the rock until we found the best place to watch the sunrise.

The sunrise was absolutely beautiful. We were on top of the southern most part of Europe with Africa in our horizon. It was at that moment that we reflected on what we just did and simply enjoyed watching the sun rise above the Mediterranean Sea. (Final City … Check)

The funny part about life is that time after time, experience after experience, the only thing that matters is whom you spend that time with or whom you experience life with. This road trip had everything as far as breathtaking sites, famous monuments, authentic buildings, beautiful cathedrals, and spectacular sports stadiums. It even included seeing the G.O.A.T score (Messi). However, after all was said and done, this road trip would have meant nothing without the people I shared those moments with. The time spent traveling from city to city will stick with me the most because we were away from all distractions and just enjoyed each other’s company. I mean, in the end, what is life without building stronger relationships with your family and friends? And one could say that after this road trip those friends turned into family.