MAIS - Disaster/Emergency Management and National Security

The purpose of this interdisciplinary program is to enable and empower a new generation of leader practitioners focused on: Disaster and Emergency Management and National Security. The candidates’ core competencies will include leadership, decision making, and policy development.

This program proceeds from what is transparently a clear and critical need in the face of 21st century challenges.  The gap between current knowledge and practices in these fields and effective responses as witnessed by the widespread failures associated with disasters and crises (e.g. COVID 19 pandemic) at the global, national, and institutional levels.

This focus’ intent is to meet these failures with graduates who will be defined by their pursuit of effective development of real and future situational awareness, employment of timely intelligence practices, analysis of current and emerging trends and threats, and planning and preparation for the management of these trends and threats.  Their responses will be based on the application of evergreen best practice plans effectively exercised in multi-agency response environments by way of graduates who will be trained in both field knowledge and in real world preparatory environments. 

Emergency ManagementCourse Structure

The graduate students in this program will be trained on the basis of 33 credits that includes courses providing theoretical and practical exposure to addressing disasters ranging from terrorism to global sourcing, environment to information security. A six-credit capstone course will allow students to gain hands-on experience through applied field operations.