Based on documentation of disability, Disability Services will determine on a case-by-case/course-by-course basis the use of notetakers as an appropriate accommodation. Students who need this accommodation may have difficulty translating spoken information into a written format, maintaining attention needed for the completion of multitask activities, and/or writing quickly and/or legibly. Students must follow the procedures printed below in order to request notetakers.

  • The student must contact Disability Services to request notetaking services as early as possible each semester as well as to review the policies and procedures for requesting services.
  • The student must provide a list of notetaker requests in writing (e.g., email) at the beginning of each semester that notetakers are required.
  • The student must provide Disability Services with documentation of disability and needs in order for Disability Services to determine if notetakers are an appropriate accommodation.

A returning student who knows someone in classes or someone who is willing to take notes should identify that person to Disability Services. If a new or returning student does not know anyone in the class, Disability Services will locate a student enrolled in the course qualified to take notes on a volunteer basis. Disability Services also will determine, under certain circumstances, if paid notetakers should be used in courses where qualified volunteer notetakers are not available. Disability Services will coordinate provision of the notetaking accommodation with the director of the Ontario program.