Testing Accommodations

A qualified student with a disability may be eligible for test accommodations, determined on an individual basis after review of documentation of disability. “Test,” as used in this context, refers to quizzes and examinations taken during the semester, including final exams in conjunction with an academic class. A student should discuss his/her specific needs for testing accommodations (e.g., extended time, separate location, and use of computer) with the Disability Services staff and faculty in a timely manner BEFORE tests are to be administered. The student must follow these procedures in order to request testing accommodations:

Beginning of EACH Semester:

The student must contact the Disability Services staff to request testing accommodations as early as possible each semester and provide documentation of disability in order for Disability Services to determine appropriate testing accommodations. The student must meet with professors and the Director of the Ontario Programs to inform them of testing needs, preferably at the beginning of the semester. When provided with permission, Disability Services will email the student, their faculty and director of the Ontario programs outlining their approved accommodations.

During the Semester:

The student must notify the director of the Ontario programs before each exam to schedule testing accommodations. The student must remind professors to make arrangements to deliver exams to the director of the Ontario programs before the scheduled exam time. The director of the Ontario programs will arrange for the proctoring of the exam and will return the exam to the faculty member once the student has completed the exam.

Test accommodations determined on a case-by-case/course-by-course basis may include, but are not limited to: extended time to complete exams, distraction-reduced testing location, access to a word processor or assistive technology, readers, scribes, and/or alternative formats.