Michael Gross

  • Chief Executive Officer Heritage Centers
Most agencies serving individuals with disabilities and their families require a high level of education for upper-management level employees. I cannot think of a better advanced degree to have than a master’s degree in developmental disabilities if one wants to understand the issues surrounding our individuals, their families, and the staff that serve. This type of knowledge will lead to better leadership.

Jeff Sanderson

  • Executive Director Rivershore Inc.
Rivershore is extremely pleased that Niagara University has established a master’s degree program in developmental disabilities. This is the perfect complement to Niagara’s recently established bachelor’s degree program and will provide an outstanding educational continuum to foster the qualified workforce our field so desperately needs. In the field of developmental disabilities there is a growing need for mater’s level professionals to meet current service demands. This is also critically important for succession planning purposes as current professional move into new opportunities or retire from service.

There is no question this program will improve the quality of life for everyone in our community.