Developmental Disabilities Minor

Recommended for students interested in working with adults or children with developmental disabilities, this minor complements many bachelor degree programs. Students will have field experiences in community-based agencies connected to each of the five required courses. Students may find employment or service opportunities in family support, rehabilitation, independent living, group and residential homes.  

Courses Required

  • EDU 201: Developmental Disabilities: An Overview
  • EDU 202: Inclusive Recreation for Diverse Populations (Cultural Diversity Designation)
  • EDU 301: Family Life to Independent Living for Individuals with Disabilities
  • EDU 302: Secondary Transition in Special Education
  • EDU 333: Special Olympics Coaching & Games Management

If you are a current student and would like further information on this minor, please see your advisor. You can also contact the College of Education's Dean's Office at 716.286.8560