Deans' Diaries

The Rev. James J. Maher, C.M., has made the globalization of campus one of his top priorities since becoming the 26th president of Niagara University in August 2013.

In his inaugural address, Father Maher stressed the importance of fostering “an academic environment that is, at its core, grounded in the liberal arts, preparing graduates for a globalized workplace and the interface of cultures, or in the words of Father Lynch, to be citizens of the world.”

Hence, Father Maher has visited Asia several times to recruit students and sign international memorandums of understanding with international colleges and universities.

On April 8, Father Maher and a group of Niagara University administrators returned to Vietnam, where they represented the first American university invited to participate in a seminar with the country’s Ministry of Home Affairs. NU officials met with several institutions and organizations during the trip, including:

Dr. Debra Colley, dean of NU’s College of Education, and Dr. Shawn Daly, dean of the College of Business Administration, submitted periodic updates from the trip, which can be found on the website for Niagara University’s Office of International Relations.

Dean Daly in Vietnam

Dr. Shawn Daly, dean of NU's College of Business Administration, is part of a group of university administrators participating in a trip to Vietnam in an effort to advance the globalization of Niagara's campus.


Dean Colley in Vietnam

Dr. Debra Colley, dean of Niagara's College of Education, is part of a five-person NU contingent spending time in Vietnam to recruit students and expand the university's presence overseas.


Photo Gallery

View photos from Niagara University's April 2014 venture into Vietnam.