Advanced Certificate Program (27 credit hours)

Applied Behavior Analysis Planning Guide

EDU 528 - Multicultural Education

This course examines the theories and practices of multicultural education which are presented as central to teaching and learning, not as marginal or added on to the “regular” curriculum. Study of multicultural concepts (e.g., inclusion, accurate representation, multiple perspectives, indigenous scholarship) will reveal how diverse knowledge bases have been historically muted in educational and other discourses. In order to avoid replicating this exclusionary practice, prospective and practicing teachers will explore ways in which students’ (and their own) multiple identities are embedded in teaching and learning that accurately represents diverse knowledge bases. Such an approach is multicultural and therefore emancipatory because it encourages students to become thinkers and producers of knowledge-practices that increase students’ opportunities and life chances. three semester hours

Credit Hours: 3

EDU 565 - Assessment of Students with Exceptionalities

The intent of this course is to provide teachers with knowledge of various assessment practices, skills in the assessment of learners with disabilities, and an understanding of the legal, moral and social issues associated with assessment in special education. The course will focus on the assessment of the following four areas: intelligence, achievement, behavior, and social-emotional wellbeing. Teachers will work in teams to prepare an Individualized Education Plan for a student for whom all four types of assessments have been performed. three semester hours

Credit Hours: 3

EDU 778 - Nature of Autism: Theory and Practice

This course investigates the current state of Autism and the unique nature of Asperger's Syndrome. Topics under study include history of autism and Asperger’s syndrome, theoretical perspectives, characteristics, identification and assessment, associated learning styles, various strengths and weaknesses, and various evidence-based strategies. Resources for agency workers and parents will also be addressed. three semester hours

Credit Hours: 3

EDU 753 - Concepts and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

This course provides an introduction to basic concepts and principles in applied behavior analysis, key historical events and philosophical assumptions in the field, as well as basic elements pertaining to the observation and measurement of behavior.

Credit Hours: 3

EDU 754 - Ethics and Professional Conduct in Applied Behavior Analysis

This course provides a comprehensive review of current ethical and professional standards in the practice of applied behavior analysis. Candidates will become acquainted with key issues related to professional conduct and representation of professional ability, scope of practice, use of evidence-based assessment and intervention practices, confidentiality, and protection of clients

Credit Hours: 3

EDU 757 - Research Methods in Behavior Analysis

This course serves as an introduction to behavior analytic research, with particular emphasis on single-subject research designs and methodologies to determine the impact of individual or small group behavior change efforts. Critical analysis of experimental designs and extant behavior analytic research will be emphasized

Credit Hours: 3

EDU 755 - Functional Behavior Assessment

This course provides comprehensive instruction in functional behavioral assessment and analysis. Candidates will learn to define target behaviors, as well as design and implement behavior assessments and functional analysis procedures. This course will address how behavioral data informs intervention strategies, and the evaluation and management of behavior change programs

Credit Hours: 3

EDU 756 - Advanced Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

This course provides an advanced survey of elements of behavior change, underlying principles and concepts, techniques, and behavior change systems. Candidates will also receive instruction on principles related to the implementation and management of behavior change programs

Credit Hours: 3

EDU 752 - Designing and Implementing Behavior Change

Credit Hours: 3

EDU 758 - Supervised Field Experience n ABA

Credit Hours: 1

EDU 759 - Maintenance of Client Records

Credit Hours: 2