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Crossing the Border

Niagara University has many Canadian students that commute from their homes daily. We advise purchasing a NEXUS Card, which will allow you to cross the border quickly and easily each day.  

In a document posted on its website, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) predicts slower processing at ports of entry during sequestration. Titled  "Frequently Asked Questions: Impacts to Travel and Trade during Sequestration,"  the document states that, “CBP will operate in a way that is least disruptive to border security and the facilitation of lawful travel and trade, but CBP will face budget cuts and employee furloughs that will result in increased wait times and reduced hours of service,” particularly at major airports.

Canadian students are not required to have a student visa. However, they must complete an I-20 application and carry the Form I-20 with them when commuting to Niagara University. Please click here for more details.  

Our designated school officials, Elizabeth Broomfield and Sarina Munzi, will be in contact with you once you are accepted to the university to complete this process.