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NY Senate Intern
New York State Senate

Undergraduate Program

The Senate Undergraduate Session Assistant Program offers approximately 30 talented and able undergraduate students an opportunity to experience state government and the legislative process, through their participation in an on-site, academic enriching, and career building work experience. The Program takes place during legislative session, beginning in January and ending in April.

The Program was designed for college juniors and seniors, though exceptional sophomores are occasionally selected. Freshmen are ineligible. Majors in all accredited disciplines are accepted; pursuit of a degree in history or political science is neither a prerequisite nor an advantage to selection. However, academic initiative and an avid interest in learning, maturity and a strong work-ethic are essential for success.

This program was created to foster an appreciative understanding of New York State’s legislative process, which includes, but is not limited to: the development of legislation and public policy; resolving constituent problems and concerns; the understated procedures and dynamics of session; and problem solving in state government.

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