Crime Prevention

Preventing crime on campus is a shared responsibility between the university and all members of the campus community. As public apathy is a criminal’s greatest ally, you cannot assume that someone else will report criminal activity. Whether or not you are the victim, you should report any crime, suspicious activity or other campus emergency immediately to Campus Safety by calling Ext. 8111, activating any of the strategically-located blue light phones on the grounds, or visiting our offices in the Campus Safety building across from Dwyer Arena.

Don't Allow Yourself To Become A Victim Of Opportunity ! Review these tips frequently!

  • Be aware of what's going on around you!
  • Follow the buddy system when walking outside after dark. Always use well-lighted and well-traveled routes.
  • Lock your car at all times. Don't leave property in the vehicle where it can be seen.
  • Avoid giving rides to strangers or hitchhikers.
  • Become familiar with the location of campus blue-light emergency phones.
  • Purchase a sturdy bicycle chain or cable and fasten your bike securely when not in use.
  • Report any suspicious persons to Campus Safety immediately or to a residence life staff member.
  • Watch your books at all times, especially in the dining hall and snack bar. (Others might try to sell them for you!)
  • Use Campus Safety's Operation Identification program to mark your valuables.
  • Never prop open any locked or exterior building doors. Unprop doors whenever you see them.
  • Report safety and/or security deficiencies immediately to Campus Safety. ON CAMPUS HOUSING
  • Lock your door whenever you nap, sleep or leave the room --- even to shower.
  • Secure first floor room windows when no one is home.
  • Keep valuables locked and/or out of sight.
  • Avoid keeping large sums of cash in your room and/or apartment or speaking indiscriminately about the     arrival of money.
  • Don't leave notes on your door announcing that you're not at home.
  • Be mindful of visitors to your room or apartment---don't take in overnight guests whom you don't know.
  • Report immediately the loss of your keys to an RA or CA. Lock changes are mandated to prevent the misuse of lost or stolen keys.
  • Never loan your keys to anyone!
  • Report any stranger in your living unit immediately to a residence life staff member.
  • Escort your guests throughout the building whenever possible. (You are responsible for their actions!)
  • Control use of your telephone. Never give out your personal authorization code. (Others might use it for long-distance calls without your approval.)
  • Don't leave your clothing unattended in the laundry room. Mark all pieces in a place other than the label.
  • Check whether your family's homeowner's insurance covers your possessions while away from home.
  • Let your roommate(s), RA/CA or family members know whenever you're going to be away for the night or an extended period.
  • Become familiar with all campus housing emergency procedures, especially fire evacuation guidelines posted in your living unit.