Course Information

Registering for Study Abroad CoursesNU Student Abroad

  1. Meet with your advisor to discuss what courses might be best to take abroad.
  2. Depending on which Study Abroad program you choose, the process of selecting your courses can vary. Contact the Study Abroad office for additional details.
  3. Fill out course advisement form and turn in document with other required forms.
  4. If the courses change after you're abroad, email your college's assistant dean and the Study Abroad coordinator for approval.

Registering for Courses at Niagara University for the Semester you Return

  1. Review courses for your first semester back with your academic advisor  before departure. A copy of your curriculum can be found at
  2. Check course offerings for the upcoming semester. The course offerings can be found at
  3. Continue to check your NU email from abroad to be informed of registration dates and details.
  4. Email your academic advisor before your registration date to have him/her unlock your account for registration.
  5. Register for classes on registration date - take time difference into consideration!