Required Honors Course Descriptions

General Education Honors Description

By the end of this General Education Honors course, the student will have a deeper, enriched understanding of the material on account of one or more of the following characteristics:  

  • Significantly increased discussion due to the smaller class size and a seminar-type pedagogy
  • Increased attention to, or interaction with primary and/or scholarly texts to a degree not typical of other classes
  • Increased intellectual interaction with fellow classmates to a degree not typical of other classes
  • An increased expectation of true research (as opposed to book reports, etc.)
  • Learning of course material through "hands-on" or experiential means (beyond that done in other courses)
  • Learning of course material through any other sort of ‘alternative’ pedagogy

Honors Enhanced In One's Major (HEIOM)

By the end of this "honors-enhanced in one’s major" course, the student will have gained skills and/or information that otherwise would not have been gained. Instead of simply assigning additional work, instructors are encouraged to implement alternative ways of learning to fulfill the honors-enhanced component. In either case, the enhancement should be specifically crafted to help prepare the student to be able to carry out a year-long, original research project via the Honors Thesis.

Honors Thesis Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

By the end of the Honors Thesis, the student will have conducted, under his or her own initiative, original research that engages the current scholarly discussion in the discipline and thereby increases humanity’s knowledge.  The student will be able to present this new knowledge in both written (via a thesis or suitable substitute) and oral (via an oral defense or suitable substitute) forms. Moreover, the student will have learned how to present his or her research in a public form by having participated in conferences (including at least the NU Undergraduate Research Conference). As such, the student will have ultimately produced a product bears more resemblance to work conducted in graduate school than to that accomplished by the typical undergraduate. 

Register for the Honors Thesis I and Honors Thesis II as an Independent Study course using the online Contract for Independent Study.