Privacy & Procedures

The OEI operates under the following procedures: Niagara University Non-Discrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures

Confidentiality: On campus, only Health Services, Counseling Services, and Campus Ministry's ordained priests acting in their official capacity can truly be confidential. All other NU employees have an obligation to immediately report any incident of discrimination, including sexual assault and intimate partner violence, to the Office for Equity & Inclusion and Title IX Coordinator. There, your privacy will be respected as much as possible.

Privacy: The Office for Equity & Inclusion (OEI) will respect a victim's  (and every person's) privacy as much as possible. In cases of sexual assault, stalking, domestic or dating violence, the victim is in control of whether any action or investigation moves forward, and the victim's identity can remain private. Only in instances of imminent danger to the campus or the threat of a repeated attack by the perpetrator will any action take place without the victim's request, and even then, will be done so in a way to protect the victim's identity as much as possible and will never force a victim to participate in the investigation. 

Amnesty (Alcohol & Drugs): Minor and moderate student conduct violations and crimes that are revealed in reports to the Office for Equity & Inclusion (OEI) will not be pursued or prosecuted by campus officials. This especially applies to alcohol and drug possession violations. In most cases, these violations will not even be disclosed, except insofar as they are relevant to investigations and/or witness reports. This applies to victims, complainants, respondents, witnesses, the accused, and/or anyone providing information. New York State Police have also indicated that they have a similar view as to the prosecution of minor crimes that are revealed during sex assault and intimate partner violence investigations.  

Statute of Limitations: There is no statute of limitations (or time limit) for when a complainant or victim can file a claim with the OEI, even if the incident occurred years prior. There are, however, statutes of limitations on bringing criminal cases against defendants; for more info on criminal law statutes of limitations, contact the Title IX Coordinator or the police directly. 

Audio Recording: No audio recording is permitted in OEI meeting rooms or offices. Signs are clearly posted to this effect, and it is a violation of OEI procedures to record audio on the premises, without the express permission to do so.