Missions and Goals

Niagara University TV StudioGoals

Communication and Media studies at Niagara University is designed to give students a strong background in professional and liberal arts concerns with respect to the mass communications media. Consistent with the departmental and university’s missions, our goal is to produce graduates who appreciate:

  • The importance of language in conveying the meaning of events.
  • The primacy of digital forms of communication in the 21st century.
  • The dedication of careers in media, which serve the interests of social justice, environmental renewal and global peaceful existence.

Mission Statement

Recognizing that communication is an essential part of society, the Communication and Media Studies Department seeks to instill in its students the important contribution that mass media can play in bettering the human condition. The skills learned in this program can be applied in numerous media careers including journalism, television, radio, advertising, public relations, teaching, research, and nonprofit organizations. The ethics and values embodied in the curriculum are meant to produce graduates who understand the significance of mass media in making sense of our world. Integral to all of these is an understanding of the role played by the commercial, public and nonprofit sectors of the media and cultural industries. By emphasizing communication for human needs, we fulfill the mission of the university in focusing concern for the marginalized sectors of our society and world.