Internships & Co-ops

Christina Crane and Michelee Murdoch, interning with WCBS

An internship or cooperative education experience is a structured and supervised work experience at an approved agency for which a student earns academic credit.

An internship allows you to experience some aspect of a career before you are out in the work world full time. You can learn what you like or don’t like about a profession. You can learn more about how a particular business works. You can network with professionals doing what you aspire to do. You can gain valuable experiences that make you more desirable for that first job after college. You can add the internship to your resume. Students who participate in an internship often find their work experience is helpful in securing a job after graduation.

There are many opportunities for internships and cooperative education experiences related to the major. We have placed students in all areas of the communications industry including:

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Radio Stations
  • Television Stations
  • Cable Companies
  • Magazines and Newspapers

Internship supervision consists of a site supervisor (a qualified professional at the intern site) and a faculty supervisor. The site supervisor evaluates the work done on the job. The faculty supervisor, in consultation with the site supervisor and the student, is responsible for maintaining academic rigor and assigning a final course grade.

Internships are administrated by faculty supervisors in the Communication and Media Studies Department in conjunction with the Cooperative Education Program in the Office of Career Services. The co-op program, located in Bailo Hall, is designed to assist students in locating internships and facilitating the evaluation of the experience.