Committee Members

Participation on the Sustainability Committee is open to all. To be a coordinating member or to promote a particular green priority, please contact committee co-chairs Dr. Mark Gallo and Dan McMann. Active and past members are included below. We look forward to your participation at either one meeting, or all, or on a particular project you regard as important!

Sustainability Committee

Name Phone Email
Dr. Mark Gallo
Dan McMann
Mr Nicholas Graham
Vice-President NUSGA
Dr. Donna Phillips
Associate Professor, Education
Dr. Alice Kozen
Associate Professor, Education
Rev. Aidan R. Rooney, C.M.
Vice President for Mission Integration
Thomas Lowe
Director, IMPACT/ReNU Niagara

Committee Emeriti

Name Phone Email
Lenora Andrews
Virginia Barlow
Deirdre Bartholomew
Fran Boltz
Sherriann Cianca
Michelle Ciminelli
Stephanie Cole
Stephanie Currie
Jason Davis
Dr. William Edwards
Dr. Robert Greene
Haoua M. Hamza
Maddi Hare
Dr. Shannon Hodges
Terrence Jones
Abigail Levin
Steve Mayer
Sally McGill
Emily McClintock
Erin McKenney
Danyelle Moore
Mati Ortiz
Dr. Stephen Petersen
Bud Redding
Dr. Bonnie Rose
Nicolette Sepielli
Jill Shuey
David Skiba
Amy Smith
Kit Straub
Robert Swanson
Cheryl Thayer
Joseph Umhauer
Matthew Villnave
Doug Zschiegner
Mitchell Alegre
Gabe Literman