The official purple of Niagara University is PMS 268 and should be used as the primary, dominant color in your projects. We have also added secondary and tertiary colors to help diversify and broaden our palette to help show emphasis or emotion to our brand’s image.

Please follow these guidelines when using different hierarchy of color:

Primary Color


  • PMS 268
  • CMYK 81/100/11/2
  • RGB 89/44/130
  • Hex #592c82

Secondary Colors


  • Pantone Cool Gray 5 C
  • CMYK 31/25/25/0
  • RGB 178/178/178
  • Hex #b2b2b2

Secondary Purple

  • PMS 2627 C
  • CMYK 84/100/32/35
  • RGB 61/17/82
  • Hex #3d1152

Secondary colors can be used for boxes, rule lines, type, or as an accent to the primary PMS 268, but should never appear on its own. Each of the secondary colors can comprise about 10 percent of the color palette in your project.

Tertiary Colors

Light Blue

  • PMS 551 C
  • CMYK 36/11/12/0
  • RGB 163/198/212
  • Hex #a3c6d4


  • PMS 163 C
  • CMYK 0/47/58/0
  • RGB 255/158/109
  • Hex #ff9e6d

Tertiary colors should only be used for box outlines or rule lines to provide a contrast at about a 5 percent ratio of the color palette in your project. They should never be used on their own.

NU Colors

Approved percentages are shown:

NU Color Percentages

When adding color isn’t an option, black and white are allowed.


  • CMYK 75/68/67/100
  • RGB 0/0/0
  • Hex #000000


  • CMYK 0/0/0/0
  • RGB 255/255/255
  • Hex #ffffff